In Memory Page 1

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

To Rainbow Bridge a pet goes when it dies
And then leaves behind a family who cries.
There are meadows and hills for our friends to run and play
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and skies are not gray

All the pets who have been harmed by Frontline are healthy and fit
They won’t be sick anymore not even a bit
Those hurt by Frontline are whole and feeling new
And they are all happy and very contented now too

But they each miss someone who had to be left behind
Especially the family whom they loved and was so kind
And they never forgot that person who was so worried and sad
And blamed themselves for giving them Frontline, the product was bad

In the meadow at play thinking they see someone new
They realize it’s a familiar face coming into view
They take off running and see their old master
And it only makes them run faster and faster.

Their eyes are intent and searching this familiar face
They are running full speed at a galloping pace
You have been spotted, and when you and your pet meet,
Greeting each other and not standing on your feet

Your hands again caress their beloved head once more
And you look into the trusting eyes as you did once before,
You give your pet a hug and they in turn give you a kiss
And you know this is your pet whom you will never again miss

So long gone from your life but never absent from your heart
For never ever again will you ever have to part.


Dana M who lost Tashe Tulips
Nancy K who lost Angel
Paul B who lost Pudgie
Kathy B who lost Snickers
Kimberly G who lost Carlos
Laura H who lost Ginger and Gizmo
Judith M who lost Bear
Sally H who lost Buttons
Sandra T who lost Smokey
Mary L who lost Missy
Carol SM who lost Rascal
Lorrie T who lost Dori
Deb G who lost Baby
Delsie M who lost Dog
Brenda R who lost Buddy
Barry S who lost Diesel
Mary W who lost Riley
Marey W who lost Boo
Debbie B who lost Rosie
Deborah C who lost Annie and Allie
Glenda R who lost Liddy
Daniel M who lost Willie
Loretta W who lost Picasso
Joelann G who lost Max
Stephanie E who lost Titus
Katie H who lost Muffin
Betty J who lost Thunder
Tom C who lost Zoe
John J who lost Charlie
Amber Z who lost Violet
Linda N who lost Patches
Tony who lost George
Tim S who lost Baxter
Teri who lost JJ
William B who lost Brutis
Brittany K who lost Destiny
Steve W who lost Harvey
Shari M who lost Dobie
Sharon K who lost Rosie
Paulette S who lost Ruca
Tina F who lost Shelby Ann
Shirley J who lost Bobbie
Rhonda D who lost Baby
Steve W who lost Lillie
Rhonda S who lost Chewy
Shari M who lost Dobie
Jerry K who lost Rambo
Tiffany S who lost Sabrina
George K who lost Spotty
Tim T who lost Wallaby
Nancy K who lost Rudy
Sally W who lost Buddy
Tom J who lost Elvis
Cameron L who lost Augie
Cathy B who lost Baby
Rachel M who lost Goofy
Susan T who lost Lucy
Gary P who lost Shorty
Wendy B who lost Tuffy